pictureAbout AdeDoyin Adebiyi, Owner and Principal Designer at A New Diimension

AdeDoyin Adebiyi is a Dallas transplant and freelance designer of over 5 years. She received her bachelors degree in Marketing at Mississippi State University (#HailState) in 2010. In 2013, she received her masters of arts in Advertising with a concentration in Strategic Brand Management from Southern Methodist University (Pony Up!). With her education and personal experience and interest in digital marketing, she works in digital and social media advertising at an ad agency. 

A New Diimension was a brain-child of AdeDoyin’s during her sophomore year in college. With her design knowledge, she hoped to help small business owners and entrepreneurs by creating quality designs at affordable prices. From then until present day, the range of services have increased to reflect the increase of her creative ability and advertising and marketing prowess.